Graffiti Abatement Grant

East Portland Graffiti Abatement
Community Grants Program 

The Office of Neighborhood Involvement and East Portland Neighbors Inc (EPN) work together to support the City of Portland’s Graffiti Abatement Grants Program.

Our goal is to support community-driven improvement projects and community building opportunities in the area of graffiti abatement and attempt to repair the harm of graffiti on the community. The funding for this program is limited and therefore places an emphasis on graffiti prevention, graffiti abatement and/or addressing locations chronically tagged with graffiti.


Basic Guidelines:

Proposed projects must address one or more of the following guidelines in order to qualify for consideration:

  1. Projects that improve an area within the East Portland neighborhood associations’ area to prevent or abate graffiti.
  2. Projects that improve properties that have been chronically tagged with graffiti.
  3. Projects that build community in neighborhood associations and communities within the East Portland neighborhood associations’ area around the issue of graffiti prevention and abatement.


Graffiti Abatement Grant Funding may be available for your project. Funding allotments are budgeted on a year-to-year basis by the City of Portland. To find out more, contact Richard Bixby at 503-823-4501 or