East Portland says, "Immigrants are welcome here!"

At EPNO, we are committed to our fellow community members and we continue to stay strong as a welcoming space for immigrants, refugees, and all communities most directly affected by the current climate of fear. We also wanted to share the statements released by our partners at David Douglas School District and the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization. These are powerful statements of strength and determination in uncertain times. Thank you to all our partners for helping build a caring and welcoming East Portland! 

EPNO's Statement (released 12/6/16)

"We recognize that in the wake of this national election many communities may be feeling especially vulnerable and afraid due to the hateful and divisive language and behavior used during the campaign.

Now, more than ever, is the time to come together - to support one another, to stand together, and to really see each other as neighbors, friends, and community.

All of us at EPNO will continue to support East Portland community work built relationship and partnerships and grounded in mutual respect.  We encourage you to continue to use our space and resources for your community organizing."



David Douglas School District Statement (Excerpt, Read full statement here, released 1/25/17)

"Over the past few weeks there have been questions in our state and around our community about what would occur if immigration officials wanted access to any of our students’ information. We want to be clear that per our own policy and statute, that without a warrant or other court order, any request of this type will be denied. All of our school leaders and office staff are directed to not release any student information without a warrant or court order as required by our policy.

Ultimately the law prohibits public schools from asking about, or maintaining information on, a student’s immigration status. We do not ask for, track, nor have this information to release. Public schools by definition are for everyone. We don’t turn away any child from receiving an education. As a District, we embrace this belief."


Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization Statement (Released 1/25/17)

"We know that the actions taken today by President Trump create fear and uncertainty, but we assure you that IRCO’s core mission and values remain the same. Our doors will stay open to provide available services for all immigrants and refugees living in Oregon.

The United States is and will always be a nation founded by and made better because of immigrants and refugees. We strongly urge all Oregonians to remain supportive of those who are persecuted internationally and seek peace, safety and freedom in the United States." 



**Thanks to the Main Street Alliance for the great imagery**

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