Victor Salinas selected as new Director of East Portland Neighborhood Office

EPNO Director Victor Salinas. EPNO staff photo

The East Portland Neighborhood Office (EPNO) welcomes Víctor Salinas as the new director. He’ll be guiding the EPNO and East Portland Action Plan (EPAP) programs. EPNO’s mission is to support the community building and advocacy activities of East Portland’s diverse communities. EPAP’s charge is to implement the Action Plan to improve livability and prevent involuntary displacement in East Portland. Together these programs serve the many communities of more than 150,000 people who live in East Portland.

EPNO will be hosting an Open House on Thursday, April 20th to introduce Víctor to the East Portland community. All are welcome to stop by between 3 and 7pm at the 1017 NE 117th Ave. Light refreshments will be available.

Vìctor was introduced at the March 22nd general EPAP meeting, where 58 community members appreciatively welcomed him to join them in this community work.

Vìctor has worked for the City of Portland in various capacities since January of 2014. Prior to joining the City he was with Latino Network coordinating leadership development and civic engagement programs.

He is a firm believer in intergenerational and intercultural community building as a way to promote community health, vibrancy and economic sustainability. Víctor has expressed his excitement to work with all East Portland community members: the Native/Indian community who lived here long before the current community members; the many early immigrants and generations who have experienced the transition from rural to suburban to urban development; those who have come to live in this beautiful place due to displacement from their previous homes and the relative affordability East Portland once provided; and the wealth of our new immigrant/refugee/New Portlander community members – all making East Portland the best place to live and grow.

Vìctor is continuing the work of Richard Bixby who is retiring after some 20 years of service with the City of Portland. Richard has been director of the office since 2000. /node/6071