Grantees Announced: Portland United Against Hate

People standing and sitting at the PUAH launch in Feb 2017

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Congratulations to the awardees! 


The following community-based nonprofits have been awarded funds:

African Youth and Community Organization

Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon Communities United Fund

As the Spirit Moves

Coalition of Communities of Color

Fair Housing Council

Immigrant Refugee Community Organization, Africa House

Latino Network

Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling

Lutheran Community Services Northwest

OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon

Q Center

Unite Oregon


The competitive grant funding opportunity received 65 applications, totaling over $2.1Million dollars in ask. Grant applications varied in size of ask from $1,000 up to the full amount allowable per applicant of $35,000. The breadth and scope of applicants revealed a serious need, and a desire for, community response to address the increasing rise in hate speech and crimes. The grant review committee was comprised of community members and City staff. The committee balanced many priorities in the review process, including geographic location, specific vulnerable communities served, as well as trying to fund as many groups possible within the allotted $350,000 appropriation. ”We need to stand together as a community to help make Portland a safer and more welcoming place for all of us,” stated Commissioner Eudaly, the Commissioner in Charge of the Office of Neighborhood Involvement. The grant funding is for one year ending in June of 2018. /node/6333