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Our mission is to support the community-buidling and advocacy activities of the diverse communities that live, work, play and come together in East Portland.

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2022-03-07 12:19

Looking for resources to clean up your neighborhood or want to get involved in community cleanup efforts?

Find all the resources you need below.

Volunteer at a cleanup project: solveoregon.org/solvecalendar | info@solveoregon.org | 503-943-2835

Lead your own cleanup, get free cleanup supplies, and find assistance with disposal costs: solveoregon.org/detrashpdx | peter@solveoregon.org | 971-346-2705

Adopt your block and commit to regular cleanups: adoptoneblock.org

Report an overflowing public trash can or issue with private trash containers: wasteinfo@portlandoregon.gov | 503-823-7202

Get assistance removing an abandoned vehicle: Report an abandoned vehicle | pdxreporter.org | 503-823-7309

Remove an abandoned shopping cart: 888-55-CARTS

Report illegally dumped materials for removal including furniture, mattresses, and other bulky waste, bags of trash and loose trash not associated with encampments: ridpatrol.oregonmetro.gov/report | 503-234-3000

Report trash near encampments for pickup: Call 311 and a customer service representative can take a report for you over the phone. Or go to pdxreporter.org (select the “campsite reporting” icon). 

Report graffiti or request graffiti removal assistance: pdxreporter.org or email | graffiti@portlandoregon.gov

Request free supplies to remove graffiti in your community: graffiti@portlandoregon.gov

For more information, please visit: portland.gov/cleanup-resources

2021-11-15 09:06

What is the CAF?

  • The Community Activities Fund (CAF) is a sponsorship program which provides funding support to East Portland’s diverse, volunteer-led community groups and organizations.
  • The East Portland Community Office (EPCO) provides approximately $15,000 in sponsorship funding to eligible groups/organizations to support community-building and civic engagement activities in East Portland that occurred or will occur between June 1, 2021 to May 31, 2022.
  • The East Portland Community Office (EPCO) will accept applications until the CAF fund is gone, or the absolute final deadline of May 31, 2022—whichever comes first. Please submit your application as soon as possible to improve your chances for reimbursement of expenses.
  • Funding is provided through reimbursement checks for funds spent. Your group cannot be reimbursed without receipts and proper documentation of expenses.
  • Each group/organization is limited to $1,000 this fiscal year.
2021-10-05 13:21
East Portland Community Office
2021-2022 Small Grants Reimbursement Program

Applications Open
  • Friday October 1, 2021
Applications Due
  • Monday November 8, 2021 @4:59pm
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