Illegal Dumping Patrol

Metro's RID Patrol tackles the problem of illegal dumping on public property. Report an illegal dump site at 503-234-3000 or online.

Trash, old appliances, torn mattresses, used tires, broken furniture, oil, antifreeze and pesticides are a few of the things illegal dumpers leave on public lands, sidewalks, alleyways and waterways, putting human health and wildlife at risk.​ 

RID Patrol cleans up illegal dump sites. It also investigates evidence found in illegal dumps and eye-witness accounts of dumping incidents on either public or private property. 

Report rather than confront

If you see illegal dumpers in the act, do not confront them; call local police. Note the vehicle's license plate number, make and model, items dumped and location.

Prevent illegal dumping

If you plan to offer furniture, tires, construction materials or other items to the community, do not abandon them on street corners for “free.” Instead, keep items in your yard and list them on reuse sites such as or

Hire only licensed businesses or haulers to take your garbage and bulky items. Get the person's name and license plate number, pay by check instead of cash, and get a receipt. If your garbage ends up illegally dumped, you may be subject to fines.


For more information, go to this website: /IllegalDumpingPatrol