Parkrose Heights Association of Neighbors

Parkrose Heights is a neighborhood consisting of approximately 2500 homes located in East Portland. Parkrose Heights Association of Neighbors (PHAN) is an organization made up of neighbors who work together to enhance the livability of the area. PHAN helps facilitate communication between the neighborhood, other neighbors and government agencies. It also provides opportunities for neighbors to become involved in resolving neighborhood issues and concerns.

Parkrose Heights Association of Neighbors (PHAN) is the neighborhood association for Parkrose Heights.  PHAN strives to keep the neighborhood viable through communication and community-building efforts.  PHAN is currently working on ways to build ties among neighbors, thus providing a safe and clean neighborhood for everyone. 

PHAN hosts an annual neighborhood night out.  PHAN has also acquired and maintains two kiosks, located in Knott Park, to provide residents with information related to the neighborhood and to post events, usually free of charge, being offered by the local libraries, community centers and other organizations.

PHAN is also working on ways to build communication between residents and the neighborhood association and researching ways to encourage Parkrose Heights youth to become more involved with this process. /PHAN