EPN Board meeting - June 2014


June 2014 - EPLUTC Agenda


EPNA Chairs Group - June 2014


East Portland Action Plan (general meeting) May 28, 2014


East Portland Action Plan (general meeting) May 28, 2014


Development Plan Response Meeting


Argay Neighborhood Association
Development Plan Response Meeting
Tuesday May 27th at 6:30pm
4800 NE 122nd / Fire Station #2

Major New Apartment Development:
Will Increase Density
Add More Neighborhood Traffic

This is one of the most important meetings ever held by ANA. The impact of this development is permanent and may change how you live your life, every day.
The Public Comment Period allowed by the City of Portland extends for only 21 days after release of the final plan. Time is short and this is your only chance to make your opinion known to the City planners who will make the final decision to approve or reject this new plan.

Your neighborhood association is here to make your opinions, thoughts, and ideas known to City Hall; regardless of whether you support or oppose this plan. We will have details of the plan at the meeting. We will review the comments made, create a response, take a vote to adopt the response, and by the end of the meeting have the letter ready for anyone who wishes to sign. This letter will be the official response of the Argay Neighborhood Association.

We will also provide contact information for anyone who wants to submit their own response and if you want, help you write it – even if you disagree with the official ANA position. This is your neighborhood, your opinions matter to ANA, we want to make sure that all sides are heard and everyone gets their chance to make their opinions known.

May 2014 - EPLUTC Agenda


EPNA Chairs Group - May 2014


East Portland Action Plan (general meeting) April 23, 2014


EPN Board meeting - April 2014

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