Disaster Preparedness

Planning for Resilience and Emergency Preparedness (PREP)

PREP encourages preparedness for families, households and immediate neighborhoods, since emergency services may be overwhelmed and unable to respond promptly after a major disaster. Experience shows that "while official help is useful...it is the personal ties among members of a community that determine survival during a disaster, and recovery in its aftermath.”
    - (NPR.org: “The Key to Disaster Survival? Friends and Neighbors”)

Four steps to readiness

  1. Get Prepared: What to know, what to have on hand
  2. Get Prepared with Your Neighbors: How to help your neighbors get ready
  3. Get Organized: Make a plan with your neighbors for helping each other after a disaster
  4. Get Confident: Learn new skills by practicing together

PREP emphasizes readiness for earthquakes and tsunamis, because if you’re ready for an earthquake you’re pretty much ready for anything. The next megaquake from the Cascadia Subduction Zone could happen anytime and will likely leave the Portland area without utilities, food and fuel deliveries, and other services for a week to a month or longer. Travel and communication may be difficult or impossible for a time.

The good news

  • Earthquakes are the most survivable of major disasters, especially when you know how to stay safe in one.
  • Experience shows that disasters tend to bring out the best in people.
  • By working together to gather resources and share skills, we’re making our communities stronger and more resilient. And that’s a good thing, disaster or not.

PREP resources

The PREP website contains printable checklists plus links to more information. Portland residents can pick up preparedness handouts and a host kit at the nearest neighborhood district coalition office. Or if you live in Multnomah County but outside of Portland, call 503/988-4233. The website also includes a calendar of events and information on setting your household up for longer-term resilience.

PREP has been developed by a group of volunteer first responders and members of community groups, in particular Transition PDX. Other collaborating partners include:

For more information, visit www.PREPOregon.org or email info@preporegon.org. Email any suggestions about the website content to content@preporegon.org.

Disaster Preparedness Kits

Items should be stored in well protected water proof pouch(es)/buckets, in an accessible area like a shed or garage (in the house is not recommended do to our area's potential for earthquakes)
Grab and Go kits are good to keep at the base of a window, where you can grab them on your way out in an emergency. Good habit to keep a pair of slip on shoes and a flashlight under your bed too. Prices listed current as of March 2012 and should be used only as a guide - not garanteed.

BM - Bi-Mart
FM - Fred Meyer
All others listed

Two person 72 hour Basic Kit (expanded kit below)

  • Water-6 gallons (BM--$.99)
  • Food-12 energy bars, 12 granola bars, nuts, jerky, 6 MRE’s (BM--$39.99)
  • Battery powered or hand crank radio with a NOAA weather band-1 (FM--$29.99)
  • LED flash light-2 (FM--$7.99 for a pack of 3)
  • Batteries for flash light and radio-2 for each unit (FM--$3.69)
  • First aid kit-1 well stocked (FM-- $10.98)
  • Whistle-2 (BM--$3.49)
  • Dust mask-12 (BM--$10.49)
  • Hand wipes-1 box (FM--$2.49)
  • Crescent wrench to shut off utilities-1 large (FM--$9.99)
  • Laminated map of the area-1 (BM--$6.29)
  • Cell phone-1
  • Cell phone charger, car plug in type-1
  • Medication-as needed
  • Eye glasses-1 pr per person as needed
  • Change of clothes per person-1 pr heavy socks, 1 pr underwear, 1 pr long johns, 1 pr sweat pants,1 pr sweat shirt, 1 long sleeve shirt, 1 pr warm gloves, 1 stocking hat, 1 pr sturdy shoes.
  • Back pack to hold all the items-1
  • Matches, water proof, strike anywhere, high wind in container-2 packs (BM--$2.49)
  • Leather gloves-2 pr (FM--$3.99 pr)
  • Important papers sealed in a plastic bag-1 copy of each, i.e. insurance papers, Id, bank account numbers, ext...
  • Expanded 72 Hour Kit

  • Food-6 breakfast,6 lunch,6 dinners/mountain freeze dried, 6 canned fruit, 12 tea bags----or 18 MRE’s and delete the stove, propane, and backpack cooking kit   (BM---$79.98 for 2 boxes containing 72hr freeze dried food)
  • Tea (BM--$1.99)
  • Stove, 1 burner camp stove (BM--$7.99)
  • Sterno for stove (BM--$5.99)
  • Plastic sheeting, medium to heavy thickness-1 role
  • Duct tape-1 large role (FM--$4.49)
  • Tarp, 6x8-3 (BM--$3.99)
  • Rope, ¼ inch cord-200ft (FM--$8.96)
  • Toilet folding type (BM--$14.99)
  • Trash bags-1 box (BM--$2.69)
  • Saw dust-1 bag (FM--$4.99)
  • Shovel, folding army type-1
  • Rubber gloves-1 box (BM--$6.99)
  • Zip ties-100 (BM--9.99)
  • Toilet paper-2 roles
  • Coolers enough to hold all equipment (BM--$29.89 each)
  • Steel wool-1 small box (FM--$2.29)
  • Cash-$100 in small bills
  • First aid book-1
  • Bleach, non scented- ½ gal (do not use color safe or bleach with additives) (BM--$1.39)
  • Eye drops- 1 jar (FM--$0.99)
  • Sleeping bags-2 (Big5--$19.99)
  • Pup tent-1 (Big5--$39.99)
  • Can opener-1 (BM--$2.49)
  • Feminine supplies as needed Tooth brush-2 (FM--$1.00)
  • Tooth paste, travel size-1 (FM--$1.00)
  • Hand sanitizer-1 Hair brush-1 (FM--$2.99)
  • Paper towels-1 role (BM--$0.99)
  • Coffee cups, none breakable-2 Camp mess kit-2 (Big5--$8.99)
  • Back pack cooking kit, i.e. pot, pan, spoon, spatula, coffee pot
  • Candle-4 (BM--$3.99)
  • Candle holder-2
  • Zip locks bags-10
  • Paper & pencil-1 pad, 2 pencils, 1 small pencil sharpener
  • Rain poncho-2 (FM--$1.99)
  • Leatherman’s multi tool-1 (Big5--$7.00)
  • Books, games, puzzle books, cards, coloring books, crayons- as needed
  • Fire extinguisher, ABC-1 (FM--$15.99)
  • Jackets-2

Special Items to Consider Adding to Your Kit

  • Baby food
  • Baby formula
  • Baby bottles
  • Powdered milk
  • Diapers
  • Moist towellets
  • Baby powder
  • Diaper rash ointment
  • Baby clothes
  • Baby powder
  • Pet Kit Food

  • Food - Enough for each day prepping for
  • Water-1 gallon water per pet per day
  • Food bowl-1 per pet
  • Water bowl-1 per pet
  • Leash-1 per pet
  • Pet carrier-1 per pet

Additional Items

  • Hammer-1 (FM--$6.99)
  • Saw-1 (FM--$11.99)
  • Crow bar-1 medium (FM--$6.99)
  • Hatchet-1 (BM--$8.99)
  • Newspaper-1 Sunday size without the ads
  • Fire starter-6 sticks
  • Propane lantern-1 (BM--$18.97)
  • Propane bottle for lantern-1 (BM--$2.99)

Items to Keep in Your Vehicle

  • Jumper cables-1 (FM--$19.99)
  • LED flashlight-1 Am/fm radio-1 (FM--$29.99)
  • Batteries for flashlight and radio
  • First aid kit-1 (FM--$10.98)
  • Medication-as needed
  • Food-nuts, energy bars, etc.
  • Water-1 gallon (BM--$0.99)
  • Cat litter-1 small bag (BM--$2.59)
  • Shovel fold up army type-1 Ic (FM--$1.29)
  • Sleeping bag-1(can be replaced with 3 blankets) (Big5--$19.99)
  • Full change of clothes, including hat, gloves, jacket, and sturdy boots
  • Cell phone
  • Cell phone charger, cigarette liter plug in type
  • Flares or reflective triangle (FM--$14.99)
  • Laminated map of the area-1 (BM--$6.26)
  • Eye glasses-1 pr per person as needed
  • Cash-$40-60 in small bills
www.eastportland.org /disaster-preparedness