Mission & Structure

East Portland Community Office Mission, Goals & Organizational Information

Mission: The Mission of the East Portland Community Office is to support the community building and advocacy activities of the diverse communities that live, work, play and come together in East Portland.

Goals: Increase the number of community partnerships to (1) increase the number and diversity of people involved in their community (2) strengthen community capacity to engage civically, and (3) increase community impact on public decision-making.

Organizational Information: The East Portland Community Office (EPCO) is part of the City of Portland’s Office of Community & Civic Life. We serve about 25% of the City’s population, spread across about 20% of the City’s landmass. EPCO exists to support community organizations, community members, and the thirteen neighborhood associations of East Portland as they strengthen their communities and work with local government and other organizations. Read about the goals and service mandates here.

EPCO serves as a hub for neighborhoods and community groups in East Portland that are independent and volunteer lead, who focus on community-building, civic engagement and advocacy efforts. We support their work by providing technical assistance, capacity-building, support in navigating City and County processes, funding opportunities, material resources (meeting space, event equipment, copies, etc), and more. Read about our services and purpose here.




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