Grievance Appeal Process

Grievance appeal refers to the process accessible to community members who have filed a grievance with a neighborhood association in East Portland and are unsatisfied with the findings of the neighborhood association's board.

Community member(s) have 14 working days from the time they received the neighborhood association's finding to file an appeal in writing with the East Portland Community Office. 

To streamline the process and ensure that everything that's important to those filing the appeal is taken into consideration, community members are encouraged to submit their own account or supporting documents along with the neighborhood association board's findings.

Once the East Portland Community Office receives the written appeal, they will review it and convene a committee consisting of three (3) neighborhood association representatives (independent from the neighborhood where the grievance was filed). The committee will review the documents and make a determination on each claim from the grievance(s). They will rule on whether or not a violation occured and they will make recommendations on how to proceed.

The East Portland Community Office has 60 days to respond to the community member(s) appeal from the date when it's submitted. 

After receiving the result(s) of the appeal, if they are still unsatisfied with the finding(s), the next step for community members is to reach out to the Office of Community & Civic Life. /grievance-appeal-process