Groundbreaking for Community Orchard at Parkrose Community Church

Portland Fruit Tree Project Volunteers and Staff at Orchard Groundbreaking

The Portland Fruit Tree Project (PFTP) was excited to announce that they received a grant from East Multnomah County Soil and Water Conservation District (EMCSWCD) to fund the Orchard planned for Parkrose Community United Church of Christ (UCC). The project has been many months in planning and creating funding for the Orchard. In celebration a Groundbreaking was performed by volunteers and staff on May 23, 2015.

The Orchard which is at Parkrose Community Church at 12505 NE Halsey will be as many as 60 dwarf fruit trees and additional understory of blueberries, cane fruit and grapes, on the 2 ½ acre property; which houses the church and Eastminster Community Garden, and hosts Parkrose Farmers Market on Saturdays during the summer.

“We want the community to participate!” says Gareth Stacke, Arborist and Orchard Coordinator. Tshombe Brown, Communications with PFTP adds: “Sign up to work in the orchard and participate in the planting, classes for caring of the trees and fruit bearing plants.”

The Groundbreaking Planting on Saturday May 23 at 10 AM at Parkrose Community UCC (12505 NE Halsey, Portland Oregon) was in conjunction with Parkrose Farmers Market. Over twenty neighboring community members and PFTP member volunteers participated in this planting session.

A grant from Alliance for Community Trees supported the first planting of the Parkrose Orchard. Trees species planted included: Santa Rosa Plum, Shiro Plum, Chojuro Asian Pear, Peter's Honey Fig, Quince, and two Columnar Apples. The remainder of the orchard will be planted in the fall with the return of rains to help the trees survive and to reduce the need of summer watering. During the summer months volunteers will be preparing the land for the fall planting.

To sign up to be friends and participate in ongoing classes and events held at the site, visit the websites listed.  Trainings will include; pruning, and how to care for fruit trees.

Also the community is invited to join teams to care for the orchard and harvest the fruit.

(Volunteers are awarded with a fruit share of the harvest, the majority of the harvest will go to Snowcap and various other food pantries.)

Come join us in the Parkrose Community Orchard! 

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