Hazelwood Neighborhood Association


The Hazelwood Neighborhood Association took its name directly from the Hazelwood Water District. The term "Hazelwood" itself is conjectured to relate to the hazelnut trees which have always grown voluntarily and prolifically in the area. 


All meetings are online and please go to the facebook page for more information.

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Hazelwood Neighborhood Association Chair, Arlene Kimura, email Arlene here.



About the neighborhood

Hazelwood is among the largest neighborhoods in Portland, Oregon, about 4 square miles in area. It is also the third most populated in Portland, with over 23,000 people in over 9,000 households, as of 2010.

The Hazelwood neighborhood includes most of the Gateway Urban Renewal Area (658.5 acres), Gateway Transit Center (served by three light rail lines and six bus lines), the Mall 205 Shopping Center, Adventist Medical Center, several smaller shopping centers (Gateway Shopping Center, Plaza 205, 205 Place and Menlo Park Plaza), and more than 800 businesses, with over 15,000 employees in total. Much of the neighborhood falls within the boundaries of the Gateway Area Business Association, as well as part of the Midway Business Association. It also touches three Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative areas, including the Division-Midway NPI, the Rosewood Initiative NPI, and the Jade District NPI.

There are many parks in the neighborhood -- Cherry Park, Cherry Blossom Park, East Holladay Park, Lincoln Park, North Powellhurst Park, Ventura Park, Hazelwood HydroPark and Community Garden, the Stark Street Triangle, and the Glendoveer Golf Course and Fitness Trail regional park. Two new parks being developed are the 3-acre Gateway Park at NE 106th & Halsey, and the 25-acre Gateway Green off-road bike park between I-84 & I-205.

Schools in Hazelwood include the David Douglas High School campus & district offices, Menlo Park Elementary, Cherry Park Elementary, Ventura Park Elementary, Lincoln Park Elementary, Reynold's Four Corners Elementary, St. Therese School, Harmony Montessori, Portland Adventist Academy, Arthur Academy, and the Portland campus of the Walla Walla School of Nursing. The Parkrose, Centennial, and Portland Public school districts also serve parts of the neighborhood, although none of their schools are located in Hazelwood.

The MAX Green Line runs north-south along the western boundary of the neighborhood and the original MAX Blue Line runs eastward through the middle.  MAX stops at four locations in Hazelwood: Gateway Transit Center (Red, Blue, & Green Lines), Main Street (Green), 102nd & 122nd Avenue (Blue), and two locations on the neighborhood edge, 148th Avenue (Blue) & Division Street (Green).

The Hazelwood boundaries are roughly NE Halsey on the north; NE/SE 148th Ave on the east; SE Division on the south and the I-205 freeway on the west, excluding the Mill Park neighborhood, which is surrounded on three sides by the Hazelwood neighborhood.  The Mill Park neighborhood is roughly bounded by SE Stark on the north, SE 130th on the east, SE Division on the south and SE 112th/Cherry Blossom on the west.  




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