May 2011 Minutes

Meeting Date: 
Monday, May 9, 2011
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Minutes for May 9th, 2011, 7 p. m. General Meeting

Ron Russell School 3955 SE 112th Avenue


Call to Order:

The Powellhurst-Gilbert Neighborhood Association Meeting was held at Ron Russell Middle School, 3955 SE 112th Avenue.  Mark White called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


Police Liaison Report:

Office David Rasmussen reported on crime data as of 5/8/11 for PGN.  Appears larceny; general thefts and auto thefts are the highest.  Questions were raised regarding squatters in the area; Officer advised that non-emergency number should be called to report incidences.


Approval of April 11th, 2011 General Meeting Minutes:

Motion was made to approve the minutes, was seconded and passed with one abstention from Tom.



·         Tom reported that the can and bottle drive had made $188.00 from the last two Sunday’s drive.

·         Eliza the Market Manager for the Lents International Farmers Market on 92nd and Foster will open on 6/5/11 and continue every Sunday through 10/16/11.  There will be some new vendors selling foot long hot dogs, and pizza.  On 5/28/11 there will be a fund raising event at the Lents Common at 7pm, including raffle tickets selling for $5.00 to $20.00, live music and food.  Additionally, on 5/17/11 at 7pm there will be a Foster Green Eco Session at the Mt. Scott Community Center.  Mark is on the steering committee. There are post cards and a sign up sheet for anyone who would like to volunteer.

·         Clark Blakeman the Executive Director for an organization called Second Stories in which they train neighborhoods about asset based communities. The next workshop is on 5/21/11 at Kelly Elementary School.  For more information refer to

·         Barb had attended the PBOT’s High Crash Corridor Open House on 5/1/11.  PBOT gave her some surveys on the high crash corridor to fill out and then send them in.  Anyone that wants to fill one out let Barb know.

·         Dick reported that the Portland Police Bureau East Precinct will be taking old prescription drugs to be destroyed.

·         Jim reported that on 5/11/11 Lents School, 5105 SE 92nd, will have a meeting regarding Holgate Blvd. Buffered bike lanes from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

·         Tom reported the NNO meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 17th, 2011 at 1 pm at Back to the Grind on Powell Blvd.

·         Dolores reported that Commissioner Fish attended East Portland Parks meeting and that 1 million was set aside for East Portland parks.  Mark added it was actually $500,000.00.  Several parks in PGN that will benefit are W. Powellhurst, Gilbert primary and Gates Park.

·         Mark reminded members that if anyone wants to hold a block party they would be reimbursed up to $50.00.  If interested talk to Mark.

·         There is still an umbrella if someone wants it, umbrella was donated by PBOT.

·         If anyone has interesting photos of the neighborhood to be put in a photo album please write on the back of the photo what it is, date, etc.

·         City received a grant for sidewalks from 122nd and Foster to Holgate.

·         There will be a community public forum regarding police accountability at PCC on May 18th, 2011 from 6pm to 8:30 pm.

·         Johnson Creek water shed forum will sponsor an edible weed walk; this will be at Johnson Tideman Park on SE 42nd and Springwater Trail.   Contact Amy at

·         Small Business forum at PCC, SE 82nd at 7:30 am.  Patrick Quinton, Executive Director at PDC will be the primary speaker.  There are flyers on the back table.

·         There will be a coalition wide cleanup at the Burnside Park and Ride on 122nd on May 14th, 2011 from 9 am to 1pm.

·         East Portland Expo will be on July 23rd and July 24th, 2011.  It will be the biggest multicultural event in Portland and possibly Oregon.  We are working with Colored Pencils Immigrants in town that will be doing all the multicultural entertainment including contemporary and traditional.  PGA volunteers will be cooking the hamburger and hot dogs. If you would like to volunteer talk to Mark.  The movies will be Iron Man 1 and Iron Man 2. 


·         National Night Out will be on August 2nd, 2011 at Earl Boyles.  Mega Man will be the movie.

·         There are still C/Ds that sell for $9.50.  All proceeds go back to DDHS music department.

·         Land use chair.  Someone has expressed interest and will be attending the Land Use Workshop this month, so hopefully we will have a new Land Use Chair soon.  Please!

·         Still need a Vice President to take over for Mark when he is absent. The V.P. is also responsible to be a representative on East Portland Neighborhood, which is non-profit organization that supports the 13 East Portland Neighborhood Associations.  Talk to Mark if interested.

·         Mark stated that if anyone see’s anything that is happening in the neighborhood, or that we would like to see happen to let him know.



The Russian speaking community is reaching out and would like to apply for a civic engagement grant, would like to write a letter of support for this grant and have EPN be their fiscal sponsor.  This would help the Russian community learn how to be a part of the community, by educating the Russian community on how to communicate with police, how to break through the cultural barriers.  Motion was made to support EPN as fiscal sponsor, was seconded and passed.


The Friends of the Memorial Garden is applying for a PDC livability grant, would like to write a letter of support from PGN association.  Motion was made, seconded and passed.


The Leach Botanical Garden is applying for a grant that would be used to enhance the garden.  Dave from Leach reported this would help with the ability to serve community groups, celebrations, hold classes, and improve parking.  Motion was made to write a letter of support from PGN association.  Motion was made, seconded and passed.


Committee Reports:

Public Safety – Tom reported that in June there will be a graffiti cleanup throughout the neighborhood.  If we see any areas that need cleanup we will need permission forms to clean from the property owners.  These forms can be obtained at  Tom finished his NET (Neighborhood Emergency Team) training and will give a presentation at the September general meeting.


Outreach and Membership – Debby is working on getting the new brochure out, and a survey to everyone in the neighborhood.  The surveys completed last year indicated neighbors would like a specialty store in the area.  Mark has been talking with the owners of Mid-Way Plaza (Rossi’s) about putting in a Trader Joes.  Debby also needs help with the outreach committee projects; there is a sign up sheet on the front table. Kids from Leander Court have complained about how much litter there is, so at the next committee meeting this will be discussed.  Possibly organizing a litter patrol.


Greening – Dolores needs volunteers to help with a new project called “Community Outreach” in which neighbors would be contacted that have non native species in their yards to be cleaned up and in turn would help other neighbors with their yards. So it would be neighbor helping neighbor.  If you would like to volunteer there is a sign up sheet on the front table and will also be discussed at the next committee meetings.


Urban Agriculture – Katy Kolker from Portland Trees was at the last meeting in which she talked about goat co-ops.


 Mark sits on several committees such as Multnomah County Advisory Committee, which meets quarterly.  Last meeting was used talking about government.  Some of the things Mark has brought out was the need to have a community multipurpose area at Gates Park to be utilized as an Equestrian Center for stabled horses, and an international agricultural center that would bring in jobs to the neighborhood.


The Multnomah Food Policy Council – trying to change the zoning so that if you grow vegetables or fruit you can sell the produce, and to change the zoning for food carts, and farmers markets which is a high priority for the City to change.   There is a Multnomah Food Initiative coming up on June 3rd, and National Food Policy Council meeting in Portland on June 21st, 2011. 


The Portland Housing Advisory Commission they talked about the consolidated 5-year plan on how the city will use the federal dollars toward affordable housing.  They will be having a group retreat and spend the whole day going over issues regarding affordable housing.


 Mark testified at a redistricting committee meeting in which every 5 years the state has to redesign the voting districts.  We are in district 48 with Mike Schauffler and include, PGN, Lents, Happy Valley and Pleasant Valley.  The redesign is to reduce the district by 12,000 houses.  Mark suggested to decrease the district to 3 which would be PGN, Lents and Pleasant Valley and get rid of Happy Valley which 12,000 is about the size of H.V.  This reduction might get district 48 better representation. 


There is currently a rate setting commission that Commissioner Saltzman would like to change that would include an independent rate setting commission that would approve rates for utilities, mainly water and sewer.  This would give the community a chance to control where the water/sewer funds are being spent and that the spendatures are appropriate. 




Guest Speaker:

Sue Lewis, Kevin Cronin and Juanita Swartwood from Portland Development Committee (PDC) were back to go over some of PGN’s questions that were brought up since their prior visit.  PDC reported on some of the projects that are being worked on in our area.  This includes infrastructure project Lents phase 4;  improvements in the urban renewal boundaries;  improvements on 118th from Pardee to Raymond Park in which residents will help fund 30% and PDC 70%;  held an open house in February for safe routes to schools in which the fire department discussed roads that are hard to maneuver while on route; the residents along 104th from Holgate to Harold wanted sidewalks put in but because the price for sidewalks were to costly, six speed bumps were put in;  planted trees on Center Street; and together with ODOT and PBOT put in sidewalks, crosswalks and swales.  For more information on projects refer to the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) website.


PDC mission is to increase property value not poverty reduction.  There is currently a program called the Main Street Program in which three main streets were picked to pilot.  Those streets are St. Johns, Hillsdale, and Alberta.  What this program does is it encourages small businesses to tell PDC what they need versus PDC telling the businesses what they need.  One our PGN concerns is there is not enough small businesses in our area because the zoning needs to be changed so that we can have mix used areas.  BPS has taken this up with the Mayor and changes are in the works to rezone 122nd. 


The Neighborhood Economic Development Plan comprises of a short-term 5-year plan and a long-term 20-year plan.  This is looking at the infrastructure side, land use side, types of uses and job creation.  PDC’s goal is to create 10,000 jobs citywide within the next 5 years.  The Economic Development plans are to empower businesses inside the URA to get more involved, working with PDC for grant programs, outside the URA businesses use the general fund.


The Midway Business Association had applied for a position at Lents URAC and was turned down twice.  Per PDC this is because Midway is not in the URA.  PDC will look at this because positions and memberships and districts change.


Foster Corridor the goal was to increase businesses along Foster but when the economy dropped so did that plan.  There have been a few successes and one of the benefits of being in an URA is the storefront improvement program where the cost is an 80/20 split with the business.


Some problems PGN faces are the lack of sufficient bus service.  We have to travel to other neighborhoods, not because we want to, but because we have to. 


Zoning of 122nd needs to be changed.  Apparently the Mayor has recently proposed a budget that once approved will move forward.  PGN might want to start an economic committee.


Would like to have PDC come back possibly in September to answer our question of why has it taken 13 years of PGN being in the URA and still nothing has been done.


Meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m. respectfully submitted by Barbara Klinger, PGN Secretary.