January 2012 Minutes

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Monday, January 9, 2012
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Powellhurst-Gilbert Neighborhood Association

Minutes for January 9th, 2012, 7:00 p.m. General Meeting

Ron Russell Middle School, 3955 S.E. 112th Avenue


Call to Order:

The Powellhurst-Gilbert Neighborhood Association Meeting was held at Ron Russell Middle School, 3955 S.E. 112th Avenue.  Mark White called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.


Approval of November 14th, 2011 General Meeting Minutes:

Motion was made to approve the November 14th, 2011 minutes; was seconded and passed.


Treasurer’s report as of December 31st, 2011:

The balance in the savings account is $4,000.69 and in the checking account $4,445.11.  There was $133.89 in expenditures and deposits of $1,602.50 which includes a $675.00 reimbursement from the City for the neighborhood wide mailing and $927.50 from the cleanup.  Additionally, there is a $1051.00 contribution from the can and bottle drive in which the can and bottle drive has donated a total of $1500.00 to PGNA and additionally 4,000 coke reward points to Gilbert Heights Elementary School to use for school supplies.  This information is input by Donna Dionne. Not including the $750.00 to Ron Russell Middle School this brings the total amount to $11,417.83 which is more than any Neighborhood Association has had before. 



·         Roseanne Lee our crime prevention coordinator announced she will be retiring as of January 31st, 2012.  At this time she did not know who her replacement was going to be.

·         Roberta Krogman reported at the last Eco meeting, a representative from Zenger Farms was there, and indicated they charge $75.00 to utilize their community gardens and that possibly we could think about giving a grant or donating some proceeds towards so that people who would like to do a community garden can.  Mark said he will talk to Zenger Farms and that we could bring it up at the next general meeting.

·         Teri Duffy from Human Solutions distributed flyers on the S.E. Division Street Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative (NPI).  Our representative for that is Debby Smith.  So if we have any questions we can ask Debby.  On January 23rd, 2012 a meeting will be held to discuss the Division Street NPI and determine the investment boundaries.  A second meeting will be held on February 16th, 2012 to discuss the future action plans and goals and generate additional resources for the community district along Division Street.   Both meetings will be held at DDHS Board Room from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Additionally, she had a message from Jean DeMaster, Executive Director from Human Solutions and wanted to thank PGNA for the donations to the Winter Family Warming Shelter.

·         Mark brought up that there are actually two NPI’s in our area, the other being along 82nd Avenue up Division.  The marketing campaign is West meets East capitalizing on the Asian population.  Mark has passed along information from the PSU students who created the International District for that location hoping it will be the foundation for the NPI.  The residents and community meeting will be January 14th, 2012, at PCC, Mt. Tabor Great Hall – 2305 S.E. 82nd Avenue, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.

·         Rachel Gilmer Coordinator for Healthy Kids indicated she works with families to help them find free or low cost health insurance. For additional information refer to flyer on table.

·         Tom Barnes announced the can and bottle drive will start in April and will be every other Sunday.  Until that time, if we need a place to store cans and bottles contact Tom and he will pick them up.  Also, please save all coke bottle caps for the coke reward points to be used for schools.

·         Mary Walker indicated that the Water Bureau was marking up 136th and she was told they are putting in sidewalks.

·         Jessie Zbiegien from Friends of Trees (FOT) discussed the tree planting in partnership with Lents Neighborhood Association is this Saturday, January 14th, 2012.  FOT sells trees to neighbors at a discount and also volunteers to plant them. She also wanted to thank all of the volunteers who signed up to help.

·         Mark indicated there are still CD’s from DDHS for sale.  The CD’s are free to us or we can purchase them for $9.50.  All proceeds goes back to the DDHS Music Department.

Committee Reports: Note:  Committee meetings are held at Second Stories at 5530 S.E. 122nd.   Public Safety starts at 6:00 p.m., Urban Agriculture at 6:45 p.m., Greening at 7:30 p.m. and Outreach and Membership at 8:15 p.m.


·         Public Safety – Tom gave a special thank you to Roseanne Lee from all PGNA members.  She has been so instrumental in supporting the public safety committee for PGNA, bringing her ideas with graffiti and drain clean ups and public safety issues.  Tom reported that the graffiti has been bad lately.  They will be starting cleanup in the near future.  Volunteers will be needed to help. He will be sending out an email for volunteers shortly.  He also mentioned that the Shell stations on 122nd and Powell wants to start selling hard liquor and the Shell at 122nd and Foster are selling crack pipes and other drug paraphernalia.  Tom will be sending them a letter opposing this.  If we are interested in voicing opinions about this contact Roseanne.  Roseanne indicated to write to Theresa.Marchetti@portlandoregon.gov regarding liquor licenses. 

·         Urban Agriculture – Mark indicated Richard Dickerson will be reporting about the farm training at Zenger Farm.  Additionally there are a couple of opportunities for funding and applying for federal grants, as well as East Portland Action Plan still has some funding left.  There will also be discussion about having a farmers market at Ron Russell Middle School and making it family oriented moving towards healthy and affordable eating.

·         Greening – Dolores reported the Greening Committee has valid information about the multi million-dollar project between Foster and Harold.  She has met with people from Johnson Creek Water Shed Council, Audubon and other people to determine what kind of improvements can be made.  Such as, opening the trails to view wildlife. Starting next month, guest speakers will be at the committee meeting.  On February 18th, 2012, there will be a spring planting of wildflowers.  Volunteers will be needed. If interested contact Dolores.

·         Outreach and Membership – Debby talked about the status of the overlap area boundaries between Lents and PGNA.  She had attended a chairs meeting last week in which resulted in her sending out an email to all board members for Lents and PGNA’s to sit down and discuss the overlap area.  She had sent out a survey and so far 8 out of 15 board members had responded favorably.



·         Mark asked members if we would like to donate $100.00 to the Family Winter Warming Shelter.  Further discussion indicated a donation of $300.00 would be a more reasonable amount.  Motion was made to donate $300.00 to the Family Warming Shelter, was seconded and passed.

·         Mark had discussed the David Douglas Outdoor School Project with Cheryl Bland who indicated they are $10,000.00 behind in funds to send kids to outdoor school.   Apparently, $600.00 would cover the cost for an entire cabin for one night.  Motion was made to donate $600.00 to the David Douglas Outdoor School, was seconded and passed.

·         Mark asked members if we would like to provide $75.00 for the FOT’s planting this Saturday to provide food for the workers.  Last year they ran out of food.  Any left overs would be donated to The Family Warming Shelter.  A motion was made to donate $75.00, was seconded and passed.

·         Mark indicated there are currently two positions open.  Tom Barnes is no longer able to serve on the URAC.  We currently have two positions with Roberta Krogman filling one.  This committee meets every other month from 7 to 9 p.m. normally at Lents School.  A nomination was made to appoint Marek Zbiegien in which Marek accepted the position.  Motion was made to appoint Marek, was seconded and passed.  The other position is for Jim Chasse as member at large.  A nomination was made for Dolores Wood, Roberta Krogman, and Steve Udycz.  Roberta and Dolores declined the position.  Steve Udycz accepted the position.  A motion was made to appoint Steve Udycz as the new Member at Large, was seconded and passed.


Special Guests:

Kirsten Pennington from ODOT and John M. Gillam and April Bertelsen from PBOT discussed the Outer Powell Boulevard Conceptual Design Plan in which a draft of the report dated December 2011 was provided.


April started with a little of the background behind the process of this plan, which started evolving in the summer of 2010 and entailed working with the Citizens Working Group (CWG) and ODOT.  Currently the plan is being formulized with the intention of presenting the plan to City Council this spring 2012 for adoption.

John Gillam explained the goal is to develop a plan to improve SE Powell Blvd to accommodate the 20-year needs of cars, bikes, buses and pedestrians.   The project is divided into four groups and consists of:


Segment one – from I-205 to 116th and Powell is classified as a second highest priority.  This area is closest to the freeway and the plan should improve the area in front of Ed Benedict Park.

Segment two – from 116th to 136th and Powell is classified as the highest priority due to the area has the highest safety issues.

Segment three – from 136 to 162 is classified as the third highest priority.

Segment four – from 162nd to 174th is the least priority because there is more traffic congestion and are uncertain about long term improvements in this area.

Additionally, the recommended design speed East of 136th should be consistent with the design speed West of 136th, and PBOT is working with Parks about of right of way plan to keep parks, large trees as part of the current landscape.


Kirstin Pennington thanked the Citizens Working Group (CWG) for their part in this project.  Tom Barnes and Donna Dionne from the CWG played a key part in making sure this project would be better for the community.  Kirstin indicated she had some good news and bad news regarding the funding of this project.  The bad news being the money used for construction of bike lanes sidewalks is called modernization.  As of now, ODOT has zero modernization funds available until at least 2015.  The good news is ODOT has $10 million for safety projects that need to be used within the next two years.  This $10 million will be allocated between Clackamas, Multnomah, Washington and Hood River Counties.  ODOT has examined the safety issues and has designated $5.5 million for the Powell corridor and is looking at how these funds will be spent.  ODOT will be providing the community with proposals this spring or early summer.   If this $5.5 million is not used within the two years it will be allocated elsewhere.  This project was started last June so there is one and a half years left to use these funds.


April mentioned that Mayor Adams has committed $16 million for sidewalks East of I-205 and SW Portland.  Eight million will be used for East Portland for a five-year implementation strategy for sidewalks, bikes and transit improvements.


Tom Barnes from the CWG indicated that at times the meetings had heated conversations.  Some of the safety issues are flooding at different intersections and pedestrian crossings.  In the future would like to see Powell be a main street, such as a shopping corridor.   If there are any questions or concerns contact Tom Barnes.


April Bertelsen asked if members would feel comfortable in endorsing the Outer Powell Plan.  A vote was taken to support this plan as presented this evening, in which there were 15 yeses; 0 oppositions; and 1 abstention.  Motion was made to endorse this plan was seconded and passed.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.  Respectfully submitted by Barb Klinger, PGNA Secretary.


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