May 2014 Meeting

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, May 20, 2014
Meeting type: 

Agenda for May 20, 2014

7:00   Introductions

7:05    Citizen Communications

Anyone wishing to speak before the association on an item not on the agenda may be heard at this time. As a courtesy to all meeting participants, comments will be limited to two minutes per person.

7:15     Police report: Mary Tompkins, Captain Pat Walsh, Lt. Art Nakamura (Tactical Operations) on recent gang activity in the area

7:35     Historic Parkrose update (Bridget Bayer)                            

7:45     Clean-up debrief (Joan)

7:55     Board Business

Vote on March minutes
Vote on March treasurer reports       

8:00     Presentation: David Hampsten and Travis Driessen and the “What Do You Need?” transportation survey of East Portland         

8:15     Discuss ideas for upcoming year (Historic Parkrose events, NNO, Thanksgiving, etc.)

8:25     Other announcements


8:30     Adjourn meeting


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