June 2016 Meeting

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, June 21, 2016
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Agenda for June 21, 2016

7:00     Welcome and introductions

7:05     Citizen Communications: Anyone has 2 minutes to bring up a topic that is not on the agenda. If it needs discussion, and there is time at the end of the meeting we’ll discuss it then. Otherwise it will be tabled for a following meeting.

7:15     Police report

7:25     Panel of Marijuana businesses in Parkrose: facilitated by Leah Maurer

Leah Maurer, chair of the Portland Women Grow chapter, Cannabis law reform activist, and Parkrose resident will moderate a panel of Cannabis-related companies in the Parkrose area.

Panel members include representatives from Evergreen Garden Supply, La Mota dispensary, and Prism House PDX LLC. This panel is designed for education and outreach from the Cannabis industry and will address current issues and answer questions. The panel members are looking forward to building relationships and having productive and meaning conversation with the Parkrose Neighborhood Association attendees.

7:55     Q&A for panelists      

8:05     PNA business:

  • Review last month’s minutes and treasurer’s report.
  • Update on National Night Out
  • Discuss future meeting topics

8:25     Other announcements

8:30      Adjourn meeting

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