Parkrose Sandy Blvd litter clean-up

Parkrose Hardware (10625 NE Sandy Blvd)

Spring is nearly here! Let's keep up the garbage clean ups we started last year and add some seeds to the bulbs we planted last fall. This cleanup will cover Sandy Boulevard between 99th and 121st Place.

Flower seeds will be handed out for planting in the planter strips between the sidewalk and the curb. We will also want to toss seeds in the vacant area between 121st and 122nd just south of Sandy and at Senn’s Dairy. If you have seeds or popsicle sticks to donate, please comment and we’ll be in touch.

City of Portland's Graffiti Abatement Team will be joining us for this clean up as well, if you see any graffiti please comment here so that we can compile a list for them.

We will meet at Parkrose Hardware to begin our clean up. Parkrose Hardware has kindly offered their dumpsters to us so this is where we will likely end to get rid of the garbage collected :) /node/6547