Parkrose Neighborhood Association meeting

Russellville Grange (12105 NE Prescott St.)

Agenda for May 21, 2019

7:00 Welcome and introductions

7:05 Announcements, Historic Parkrose update, upcoming events

7:10 Citizen Communications: Citizen Communications: Any member can speak for 2 minutes on a topic not on the agenda. If brief, we can address the topic tonight. If not, we will table for another meeting.

7:20 Presentation: I-205 construction projects

7:30 Crime/Safety update: Next PSAC (Public Safety Action Committee) meeting, update on 112th Boat Launch project

7:40 EPAP Housing committee update (Doug Armstrong)

7:50 Board business:

· Minutes and treasurer’s report
· Street mural repaint budget discussion and vote

8:00 Bulky waste clean-up debrief

8:15 Revisit citizen communications topics

8:30 Adjourn meeting

Time and Date: 
7:00 PM to 8:30 PM /node/7106