Parkrose Neighborhood Association meeting

Rossi Farms, 3839 NE 122nd Ave

After our August break, PNA is meeting again in September.


Agenda for September 17, 2019

7:00    Welcome, introductions, ground rules

7:05    Presentation: Changes in Multnomah County Parole and Probation (Bryan Smith)

7:20   Presentation: PBOT update on 102nd Ave Safety Project (Leeor Schweitzer, Chris Sun)

7:35    Public Q&A/Feedback on PBOT presentation

7:50    LUTC update (Doug Armstrong): What is happening with EPIM (East Portland in Motion) funds for our area?   

8:00    Board business:

·         Vote on July minutes and treasurer’s report

·         Vote on changes to CAF application            

8:05    Announcements/events: Historic Parkrose update, Community Policing update, next PSAC meeting, Trunk or Treat, Code Change & Census meeting

8:15    Introduce process for elections next month

8:20    Open discussion: people can bring up what hasn’t been covered; items that need more discussion will be tabled until next meeting.

8:30    Adjourn meeting

Time and Date: 
7:00 PM to 8:30 PM /node/7239