Parkrose Neighborhood Association mtg

Rossi Farms, 3839 NE 122nd Ave


7:00    Get settled, introductions, ground rules

7:05     Citizen Communications: anyone may bring up a topic not on the agenda for 2 minutes. Will address at the meeting if other topics take less time. Otherwise the topic will be tabled for another meeting or other follow up.

7:15     Board business: vote on April minutes. Treasurer report.                             

7:20     Overview of process to draw boundaries for districts in new city government and how the public can get involved (Arlene Kimura)

7:35     Introducing Connected Inc and their walking community safety program

7:50     Introducing new owners of Courtesy Inn, new goals for the property

8:05     Historic Parkrose updates           

8:10     Tasks for garage sale, call for volunteers                  

8:25     Announcements

8:30     Adjourn meeting

Time and Date: 
Tuesday, May 16, 2023 - 19:00 to 20:30 /node/7518