November 2011 Minutes

Meeting Date: 
Monday, November 14, 2011
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Minutes for November 14th, 2011, 7:00 p.m. General Meeting

Ron Russell Middle School, 3955 SE 112th Avenue


Call to Order:

The Powellhurst-Gilbert Neighborhood Association Meeting was held at Ron Russell Middle School, 3955 SE 112thAvenue.  Mark White called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.


Approval of October 10th, 2011 General Meeting Minutes:

Motion was made to approve the minutes; was seconded and passed with two corrections noted. On page one, under announcements, “of every month” should be deleted and on page four under special guest, first paragraph “116th should be read as 115th.


Treasurer’s report dated November 12th, 2011:

The balance in the savings account is $4,843.84 and in the checking account is $4,445.11, there were $398.73 in expenditures since last reporting.



·         Mark brought up that we can request reimbursement from the neighborhood association if there is something we would like to do that would be helpful to the neighborhood or the community.

·         Lori Boisen and Teri Duffy from Human Solutions talked about the Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative that is a new opportunity in the area to form a neighborhood prosperity potential district.  PDC wants to change the zone from 124th to 148th and Division and extend it to 119th – 148th and Division.  This initiative will target businesses in this area to urbanize and improve the economic well being of these businesses.  A proposal will be put together, if the proposal is accepted, then funds may be made available.  There was discussion that this should extend to 112th.

·         Sandra Hernandes from The Tree Institute a public non-profit organization made up of immigrants, men, women, children and educators to share knowledge and resources. They do arts and culture, such as Cuban Salsa and Brazilian arts with women and youth and refugees at community festivals. Additionally they participated at the EXPO this year.  They are currently creating two different projects.  The first working with families of mixed cultures and/or immigrants, engaging parents with the youth.  Secondly, a summer camp in July 2012 would include 12 years and older.

·         Elaine discussed the cleanup from last month.  There were eight different sites; some had metal bins and/or dumpsters.  They made $1,052. 00 and cleared $927.50 (difference used to pay for dinner for those volunteers).  Would like to start earlier next year in outreach and PR. Elaine found out that PGNA can get an additional $500.00 grant for tires.   The date set for next year’s cleanup will be October 13th, 2012.  Dolores suggested that at each cleanup site we should have information/flyers regarding PGNA, as she had people asking questions. 


Committee Reports:

·         Greening Committee - Dolores brought up that we can use the shed on 115th next to Raymond Park, but may need to move it at some time.  Dolores talked with Mr. Brice at the Water Bureau and we may be able to use their parking lot to put the shed.  We would enter into a stewardship agreement with the Water Bureau which would entail the monitoring and clean up of graffiti, litter and vandalism on that property.  We can talk later at the committee meetings. 

·         Outreach and Membership – Debby discussed what was brought up at the last committee meeting that we need to provide better support for the other committees and try and do more outreach for their events.  Don’t forget the potluck is December 12th, and if you are able, bring a potluck dish. This year there will be inviting in addition to the membership but also to our community partners, and elected officials.  We will also have kids activities, and are starting earlier at 6pm and ending at 8pm.  Additionally we are doing a donation drive for Human Solutions to go towards a warming center for homeless families.  Refer to flyer and list of items needed. 

·         Public Safety – Mark indicated the next date for the drain cleanup is 12/4/11.  Meet at Pizza Baron at noon.  The house on 122nd N. of Powell has been painted.  Let Tom know if more graffiti shows up on it.  Lastly, if anyone is interested in forming a foot patrol at Raymond Park to let Tom know.

·         Urban Agriculture – Mark introduced Richard Dickerson who is working on a new program at Zenger Farm that will be a farmer training program to train at least 20 people over the next three years and access five large plots of land.  The idea is to employ people as well as stimulate the local economy.  Richard is in the beginning phase of doing outreach to prospective farmers that might want to get involved in farming for profit and learning how to market their produce. If we know of anyone who would be interested let Richard know.

·         Powell Project – Mark stated the report is still not back from the city.

·         Foster Green – Roberta indicated the MOU (memorandum of understanding) area runs from Foster and 122nd and includes Leach Gardens.  The MOU would entail a signed agreement between PGNA and the Foster Green Eco District and PDC that would show PGNA support.  The members had questions concerning the MOU such as will they plant trees along Foster, if at a later date can PGNA withdraw their support.  Motion to support and sign the MOU was made, was approved and passed with one opposition and one abstention.

·         SE 122nd Avenue Project – Mark reported that there will be a meeting in a few days and again in December at Leander Court.

·         Overlap Committee – An agreement was found between LNA (Lents) and PGNA where they both agreed that the overlap area was to be included in the PGN.  PGNA followed through with this change but LNA did not.  We found documentation whereas Ed Benedict was not only a State Legislator but also appeared to be the first chair for PGNA and that after he died his widow tried to get Ed Benedict Park into the PGN because that is where they resided.  PGNA is going to recommend that we try to resolve the issue of the overlap area based on the original agreement.  If we proceed, PGNA would tell ONI we would like to move forward and resolve the boundaries.  ONI would pull the two neighborhoods together in mediation and we would have six months to settle.  If we were unable to resolve then the Director of ONI would make the final decision.  If either NA agrees with that decision, then that NA would no longer be considered a NA and would no longer get funding.  Motion was made to proceed with resolving the overlap area.  Was seconded and passed.

·         Would also like to change the Bylaws to read that anyone who has an interest in the neighborhood can become a member just by asking to be a member.  We would like to have the neighborhood in alignment with the DDSD. There is a small area that is in the DDSD but is in the Centennial neighborhood.  Tom Lewis who is the Chair for Centennial is fine with making the change and giving that area to PGN.  This would ensure that every school in the DDSD is part of PGNA in addition to Ed Benedict Park and Earl Boyles Park.  Additionally, the City and PSU students have gone through all of the bylaws for all neighborhoods and are currently matching the descriptions of the areas to maps.

·         Mark brought up that a 711 store will be taking over the gas station on 122nd and Powell. 711 have a neighborhood agreement.  NA’s should make sure they follow this agreement.  Valerie to take home the neighborhood agreement and go through to see if there are any option lists or zoning issues and we can talk about it at the January meeting.



Special Guest:

Tim Hall from the Water Bureau came to discuss what the bureau has been doing in regards to Kelly Butte, Powell Butte and the Emergency Coordinator Center.


The Kelly Butte project which was installing a 25 million gallon underground reservoir has currently been put on hold by a request to city council, and members of legislature, both state and federal to look at what is going on in NYC with their request to delay a project with their reservoir.  The Water Bureau has agreed to delay construction until 2012 to see what the EPA will approve keeping Mt. Tabor reservoir open past 2015, in which the EPA has a mandate to require disconnect by 2015, and the two reservoirs at Washington Park to disconnect by 2020. In NYC they are asking to delay projects to cover their reservoirs that are five times bigger than ours until 2030.  


The Powell Butte project contractors started but have been delayed due to land use issues.  The contractors have been putting up erosion control, want to make sure to protecting trees, so chain link fences have been placed around trees to protect them.  There have been a number of issues with people wandering around in the park on the construction zone, taking down signs. The contractor, SSC Construction base out of California, now have offices in Vancouver, they have been advertising trying to get local laborers, truck drivers, and arborers.  This reservoir will be 20 to 30 feet deep and take up 5 acres with 50 million gallons of water.  Some of the park improvements will be a permanent house for the grounds keeper that looks like a farmhouse; interpretive center that looks like a shed; maintenance building that looks like a barn; an amphitheatre and improvements to the parking lot. 


The Emergency Coordinator Center project was turned over to The Bureau of Emergency Management.  They are going to select a contractor to begin the ECC project next February or March.  The new ECC will be right across from Kelly Butte reservoir, so they are working with ODOT to try to keep traffic to a minimum and figure out alternative routes.  The underground reservoirs would be able to withstand a level 7.2 earthquake or larger.  With the reservoir’s underground would ensure they would move with the ground as opposed to being above ground and possibly cracking.


Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.  Respectfully submitted by Barb Klinger, PGNA Secretary.