Parkrose Neighborhood Association Meeting

Russellville Grange, 12105 NE Prescott St, Portland, OR 97220


Agenda for October 16, 2018

7:00 Welcome and introductions

7:05 Citizen Communications: Any member can speak for 2 minutes on a topic not on the agenda. If brief, we can address the topic tonight. If not, we will table for another meeting.

7:15 Sean Cruz, Native American public market idea

7:20 Historic Parkrose update

7:25 Alfredo Gonzalez, Public Place Trash Can Program
Reviewing locations of cans, seeking artist designs, deadlines, Q&A

7:45 Board business: Vote on minutes and treasurer’s report

7:40 Crime/Safety Update, including status with Secret Rendezvous

7:50 Land Use and Transportation Committee (LUTC) update

8:00 Other board work:

Newsletter for January

Design yard signs

Bulb planting date

Friends of Senn’s Dairy

Clean-up committee

8:30 Adjourn meeting

Time and Date: 
7:00 PM to 8:30 PM /parkrose-neighborhood-association-meeting-1