PHAN Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, August 17, 2010
Meeting type: 

PHAN Board Minutes



Call to Order: 7:08pm by President Carol Williams


Present: Carol / AJ / Becky    Absent: Andi / Eric / Jim / John / Stephanie


Guests: Parkrose Heights neighbors: Pete, Helen, Jeff, Marilyn, Larry


Special Note: Due to the absence of several board members, no official action was taken on any issue requiring a quorum of voting members.


Approval of July, 2010 Minutes

Approval vote was tabled until the September board meeting.


Treasurer’s Report

No report was available. (John was absent due to a medical issue.)


Prior Business


Nominating Committee for September Elections

No report was available.


Property Located at 2646 / 2650 NE 102nd

Adjacent neighbors attended to provide updates regarding activity taking place at this property. An article written by Beth Slovic concerning Portland’s  Bureau of Development Services (BDS) and the “house-church” aspect of the property will be appearing in the August 18, 2010 issue of Willamette Week. Those present at this evening’s meeting agreed that if the property is to continue functioning as a “house-church,” it may need a conditional-use permit and it must be brought into code compliance for things such as fire sprinklers and structural requirements for 80+ people in the 2nd floor meeting room at one time, handicap access requirements, adequate parking for large numbers of people, safe traffic patterns, preservation of old-growth sequoias, etc. Due to lack of a voting quorum, no official action was taken by the board at this time.



New Business


National Night Out (NNO) – Final Results Report

The event took place on August 3rd as scheduled with a great turn-out. Follow-up report by Stephanie and Eric was tabled until the September board meeting.


Board Reports



Adjourned: 8:00pm


Respectfully submitted by: Becky Hartsfield, PHAN Recording Secretary


Next Board Meeting - Tuesday, Sept 21, 2010, 7PM / NE 111th and Knott


Next General Meeting – Tuesday, Sept 28, 2010, 7PM / NE 111th & Knott /phan-board-meeting-minutes