PHAN September Board Meeting Minutes

PHAN Board Minutes


Call to Order: 7:04pm by President Carol Williams 

Present: Carol / Eric / Becky / Andi / Stephanie 

Absent: John 

The minutes for August were approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report – Not available due to John’s absence

Prior Business


EPN / PHAN Websites

Andi, Becky, and Carol have been attending design meetings. The completed sites should be ready to go live sometime in September. 

Coalition vs. City-run EPN Office

Meetings have taken place to discuss the pros and cons of establishing coalition of neighbors rather than having a neighborhood office run by City of Portland employees. No decision has been reached yet as to which type would best serve East Portland.

New Business

Nominations for September General Meeting Elections

Vice President – Andi || Recording Secretary – Becky || At Large Member – Stephanie

Six additional At-Large positions – No nominations from the board, but Carol mentioned that AJ is interested in returning to fill an at-large position.

September General Meeting Speakers

Naomi Angier, Midland Library (five-minute presentation)

Angela Wagnon, Crime Prevention Coordinator (main speaker)

Thank You card to Vicki for Knott Park Maintenance

AJ will bring a card to next week’s General Meeting for board members to sign thanking Vicki for the great job she’s doing in keeping Knott Park maintained.

House on 117th

Andi will draft a letter to send to the owner regarding code compliance issues.

Board Reports

Andi posted the latest crime report in the park kiosk. Stats show improvement in the number and type of crimes that have occurred recently in Parkrose Heights. 

Stephanie offered to pursue applying for another grant for next year’s National Night Out. She would like to see better recruitment/retention for getting people involved in serving on the board, attending General meetings, and actively participating in improving neighborhood livability. 

At the October board meeting, ‘09~’10 goals and budget will be discussed. We will also discuss meeting early for a Board meeting on the day of the General meeting rather than meeting a week before. This would reduce the number of evenings board members are away from their families. 

Adjourned: 8:06pm

Next General Meeting: Tuesday, September 22, 2009, 7pm at PUMC

Next monthly Board Meeting: Tuesday, October 20, 2009, 7pm at PUMC

Respectfully submitted by: Becky Hartsfield, PHAN Recording Secretary /phan-september-board-meeting-minutes