PHAN September Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, September 21, 2010

PHAN Board Minutes



Call to Order: 7:04pm by President Carol Williams


Present: Carol / AJ / Andi / Jim / John / Becky / Stephanie      Absent: None


NOTE: Eric has resigned his board position and Stephanie anticipates resigning her position within the next couple of months.


Guests: Les Bowman; John Bartholomew 


The minutes for August were approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report – John

Balance on hand is $2690.10

Prior Business


Nominating Committee Report for September Elections

Nominations will be taken from the floor at the September General Meeting.


Property Located at 2646 / 2650 NE 102nd

The “good neighbor” agreement Andi worked on will be tabled until all neighbors involved are ready to work together to come to an agreement. No further action will be taken by PHAN other than referring people with concerns to call the appropriate city bureaus.

New Business


EPN Representative

Carol is PHAN’s representative at the EPN (East Portland Neighborhoods) meetings, which are generally held from 7p-9p on the third Wednesday of each month at EPNO. An alternate is needed to attend when Carol is not available to go. No one on the board is available to fill this role at this time.


Casmur Store on 111th

Jim will talk with the store manager to find out what action will be taken to repair the window that was broken when someone tried to break in to steal cigarettes.


Board Reports

Becky provided City of Portland contact info to neighbors in the vicinity of 2210 NE 111th who voiced concerns about non-running vehicles and items such as old dishwashers, toilets, etc. being left to sit in the front yard for long periods of time.


Voter-Owned Elections

Guest John Bartholomew provided information about Measure 26-108, which will be on the November voting ballots.


Adjourned: 8:23pm


Respectfully submitted by: Becky Hartsfield, PHAN Recording Secretary

Next General Meeting – Tuesday, Sept 28, 2010, 7PM / NE 111th & Knot
Next Board Meeting - Tuesday, Oct 19, 2010, 7PM / NE 111th & Knott /phan-september-board-meeting-minutes-0