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East Portland Neighborhood News guidelines

East Portland Neighborhood News informs the community about activities and opportunities for involvement in East Portland. If you have an event or activity, or a human interest piece involving East Portlanders, please send in your article. The Editorial Committee selects stories to print as space allows.

The deadline is January 15, for the mid-February, 2018 issue.

Articles must be 350 words or fewer, and may include up to 4 photos illustrating the article. The photos should be high-resolution .jpg images – low-quality cell phone photos generally don’t print clearly. But, we’ll do our best to make your photos work.
How to submit your article:
In a word processing document:

  • Write Author’s name, affiliation (if any) at the top of the document
  • Write a brief, descriptive headline
  • Text of the article
  • Photo captions and credits with notes about which caption & credit goes with which photo at the end of the document
  • Save document as .doc or .rtf (Rich Text Format)
  • Attach all photos as .JPEG images to email (do not place images in document) and attach the document to the email. (photos must have captions and credits included within the document)
  • Email to  (This is a *NEW* email address!)
  • Look for a reply saying that your email has been RECEIVED! with-in 24 hours. If you do not get a reply, please resend your email.

To include an advertisement in the issue, go here for more information. /submit_article