Wilkes Community Group Minutes

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, February 7, 2012
Meeting type: 

Minutes for February 7, 2012

Wilkes Community Group

General Meeting


Margaret Scott Elementary School Library

14700 NE Sacramento Street

Portland, OR


This board meeting was called to order at 6:35 by Vice Chair Kim Breckel.  


Those present for the meeting were board members Kim Breckel, Kathi Holmes, Chris Moore, and Joyce Ley.  Others attending the session included Jill Erickson, Linda Allison, Beau Miakinkoff, Ben Koker, Judy Lenhart, VerNae McCarthy, Jean DeMaster, Cheryl Mosley, Harvey Westcott, Officer Louis Seals (East Precinct), Officer Kelly Kindrick (North Precinct), Abigail Cermak (City of Portland-Brownfields Project), and Richard Bixby (EPNO).  


Minutes of previous meeting: Kathi Holmes moved to accept the minutes for the January 10, 2012 general meeting with the notation of correction to April 3 as the next general meeting.  Motion was seconded and carried.


Treasurer’s report:  Kim Breckel reported a balance of $6007.24 as of January 31, 2012, and a balance of $816.47 in the Neighborhood Allotment fund as of February 7, 2012.  


Police report:  East Precinct Officer Louis Seals and North Precinct Officer Kelly Kindrick made reports at different times during the meeting.  Both officers reported that crime rate is down, and they emphasized the importance of keeping vehicles locked and items out of sight to minimize break-ins. 


Movies in the Park Special Donations Account:  Discussion addressed setting up a special trust account to receive donation funds for Movies in the Park events allowing roll over of unused moneys to support these events in future years.  Such trust accounts are possible through EPN Inc. and Portland Parks and Recreation (PPR).  Position of support for using EPN Inc. was presented by Kathi Holmes, and Kim Breckel presented support of using PPR.  Chris Moore stated preference for using PPR as it would offer greater “name recognition” to potential donors.  Following a call for the question, the motion showing preference to using PPR was carried.  A draft letter was considered for use in recruiting donations to the trust fund once it is established.  Chris Moore moved for acceptance of this draft and the motion carried.


Wilkes Creek Headwaters Update:  Joyce Ley reported results of January 12 meeting with staff from PPR and Columbia Slough Watershed Council (CSWC), Bureau of Environmental Services (BES), and SOLVe.  Estimated costs for developing a master plan are anticipated to be in the range of $100,000.  Developing the master plan in phases is not advised or recommended, however, once developed the MP could be implemented in phases.  Emphasis was made that there are no preconceived notions about what happens with the developed part of the park as community members will be included in any plans developed.  Richard Bixby shared that in recent years, three parks in East Portland streamlined development of their parks’ master plans using conceptual formats without great detail. 


Resignation of Chair by Alice Blatt:  Kim Breckel announced that Alice resigned her position as Chair of WCG.  Alice indicated in her resignation letter desire to continue serving on the WCG Board.  Kim stated that as Vice Chair and Treasurer, she would refuse to become the new chair.  She opened nominations for the position of chair and nominated Joyce Ley.  Kathi Holmes nominated Chris Moore for the seat, but he declined the nomination.  There were no other nominations.  When asked if she would accept the nomination and position if elected, Joyce said she would as long as someone would take the secretary’s position.  She said it is not possible to fill both of those positions at the same time.  When she was elected, Joyce told the group that she would be recruiting a new secretary.  


Portland’s Brownfields Program:  Abigail Cermak explained that the prime focus of the Brownfields Program was to recover contaminated properties to productive community assets through technical and financial support.  She identified some potential funding options relative to developing a master plan for the Wilkes Creek Headwaters property.  Abigail encouraged investigation to work with a Portland State University (PSU) graduate student in the Masters in Urban and Regional Planning (MURP) program.  Developing a proposal to the MURP program for engaging a graduate student to work with WCG and PPR (and others) toward developing the master plan could prove beneficial for WCG and the student:  The student could fulfill the degree requirement to complete a planning project, and WCG and PPR could save considerable money and time in reaching the goal to obtain a master plan for this new park.  Abigail said she would provide us with essential contact information for PSU MURP.


Movies in the Park:  The bands and movies for both the July and August events have been confirmed.  Friday, July 13 activities will begin around 6:00 pm with “Working Stiffs” performing live music.  The movie will be Dolphin Tale.  Saturday, August 11 will kick off around 3:00 pm with a barbecue and also featuring live music from “Working Stiffs.” Up will be the movie.  


Portland City Council Candidates:  Kim Breckel announced that 

Mary Nolan, candidate for Portland City Council, cancelled her request to speak to the WCG on April 3. 


The next meeting will be a WCG Board meeting on March 6 at Margaret Scott School.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Joyce Ley, Secretary

Wilkes Community Group

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