Wilkes Community Group Minutes

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011
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Notes from October 4, 2011Wilkes Community Group
Special Meeting — Open House
Margaret Scott Elementary School Multi-Purpose Room
14700 NE Sacramento StreetPortland, OR

This special meeting of the Wilkes Community Group (WCG) was called to order at 6:30 pm by Alice Blatt. The purpose of this meeting was to provide residents opportunity to gain more information about the recently purchased Wilkes Creek Headwaters property.

There were 44 individuals in attendance included board members Alice Blatt, Kathi Holmes, and Joyce Ley. Others attending included panel members Doug Brenner, East Portland Service Manager for Portland Parks and Recreation (PPR); Brett Horner, Planning Manger for PPR; Lynn Barlow, Natural Area Supervisor with city Nature for PPR; Elizabeth Kennedy-Wong, Public Involvement Manager with PPR; Susan Barthel, Program Coordinator, Watershed Services with the Bureau of Environmental Services (BES); Officer David Kemple, Portland Police North Precinct, and Eliza Lindsay with East Portland Neighborhood Office.

Following introduction of panelists, each presented a brief statement explaining their involvement with the new property that was purchased to become a park serving East Portland residents.

Persons who had comments and/or questions were asked to sign a speaking list in efforts of maintaining a fair and orderly way of addressing the panel and those in attendance. What follows here is a summary* of the comments made by speakers and the responses provided by panelists. The summary identifies the speakers’ names and the subject of their comments. The text is color coded to provide distinction of comments:

  • Black is used for general information provided by the panel.

  • Blue is used for individual panel member commitments

  • Red is used to note property owner immediate concerns

Mary Reese

Save the Coyote Family

Susan Barthel & Lynn Barlow responded. Wildlife has been taken into consideration from all agencies involved. Coyote Family should be resilient to change based on other studies.


Steve Lynch


All of Panel responded. Would prefer not to be bad neighbors. Contractor tore up the private road with equipment and did not repair it. Will address road issue, but was later dropped and not mentioned again. People camping on property and using for illegal activities. Police will respond if called. Can contact Park Rangers, however they only work during the day. Most activity occurs at night after 10pm. Police have limited resources. Lynn Barlow will attempt to put a pole post with a chain across the Klickitat entrance. Lynch will seek legal council to remove PPR easement rights. Elizabeth Kennedy-Wong will try to notify affected property owners before a change happens.


Wayne Sharkey


Brett Horner and Elizabeth Kennedy-Wong responded. Surveys show most Portlanders want a park within ½ mile walking distance. Currently blackberries block the far south accesses. When removed what will stop people from misusing the new park? Doug Brenner responded that tall grass was being planted to stop more invasive plants from growing. At this time the blackberries will remain as a deterrent. Planning too far down the road to address direct access plans or parking on side streets for park users.


Steve LaBen


Spring Boxes need to be secured. Lynn Barlow will make sure boxes are secured immediately. What keeps quads and motorcycles out? Will put a chain up. Lynch concerned about water rights. He has a well. Who’s liable for people getting injured on existing park? He needs to seek legal council. Can’t a gate be installed instead? PPR does not own gates and is not in the custom of fencing people out of the (park) properties. If they destroy a private road what will happen next? Why are police at current Wilkes Park all the time? David Kemple from PPB North Precinct responded that most visits to the existing park are law enforcement generated. Groups of kids are hanging out at the park and police come by to break them up and shoo them away. Anyone can call the non-emergency number and tell them the “Filbert Farm” has an issue if it comes up. Actual address 15300 NE Klickitat still in use.


Gregg Reiter


When the dam was broken up no measures were taken to ensure the neighbors north of the property were not damaged. Has large amount of silt in his yard. Susan responded that BES and DEQ are two very different agencies. She will continue to look into it off line from this meeting. Property is E-zoned from the dam north. Not sure about the south end of the creek.



John Ploshay

Traffic impact study/Security

Traffic has increased 100 fold since original barrier was removed on Klickitat. Concerned that an accident will happen at the S-curve coming onto Klickitat. Panel responded that it is too early to address entrance plans, but will notify people as plans progress. Was not notified until this meeting. YEAH WCG! Elizabeth Kennedy-Wong will notify people as things progress. Anyone at this meeting will now be part of a permanent mailing list for PPR.

Tim Curran
Bill Mead
Short statement
Diane McGill


Bill Mead made a brief comment about improving early-on communication between property owners and PPR, but Tim and Diane did not speak as no time remained.


Susan Barthel did address holly removal reporting that a complete study was done for nesting birds, determining that the time for holly removal was appropriate. The holly was so dense it did not make a good nesting ground for birds. Neighbors disagreed and one of them talked with study group who indicated that some birds were actively nesting. Mr. Lynch again stated he will try to get PPR’s easement permit revoked. Elizabeth Kennedy Wong stated there were reasons why PPR did not make it public knowledge as to which properties they consider for purchasing, although she did not identify what the reasons are.

*The task of compiling the speaking summary is credited to Kim Breckel.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Joyce Ley


C: Alice Blatt, Chair
Carolyn Clark
Ed Clark
Kathy Holmes
Ed Zarins
East Portland Neighborhood Office - Richard Bixby
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