Wilkes Community Group Minutes

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, November 1, 2011
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Minutes for November 1, 2011
Wilkes Community Group
General Meeting

Margaret Scott Elementary School Library
14700 NE Sacramento Street
Portland, OR

This general meeting was called to order at 6:35 by chair Alice Blatt.

Those attending the meeting included board members Alice Blatt, Ed Zarins, Ed
Clark, Kathi Holmes, and Joyce Ley. In addition, the following were in attendance:
Linda Allison, Bonita Boatman, Chris Moore, Sue Taylor, Wally Johnston, Dan
Breckel, Kim Breckel, Steve and Mrs. Lynch, Barbara Adamski (City of Portland),
and Will Stevens (Portland Bureau of Transportation).

Minutes of previous meeting: Kathi Holmes moved to accept the minutes for the
September 6, 2011 board meeting. Motion was seconded and carried.

Treasurer’s report: As of October 25, 2011, a balance of $1,002.15 was in the
Neighborhood Allotment fund for the current fiscal year. The WCG check book has a
current balance of $5,322.49.

Board elections: There were three nominations for positions on the WCG Board:
Kim Breckel, Shirley Larson, and Chris Moore. All three were elected unanimously.

Police report: There were no officers from either North Precinct or East Precinct at
the meeting so there was no report.

Report on Wilkes Creek Headwaters property: Portland Parks and Recreation
compiled a document answering questions raised by citizens in an initial meeting
on August 4. A special meeting took place on October 4 wherein a panel comprised
of representatives from Portland Parks and Recreation, Bureau of Environmental
Services, and Portland Police answered questions raised by citizens in an open-mic
meeting format. Following the meeting, Portland Parks and Recreation conducted
two tours of the newly acquired property that is slated to be a hybrid park comprised
of four acres to be developed and the remaining 16 acres to be restored as a natural
area. Kim Breckel requested copies of photos taken during the tour of the new
property for publication in the next issue of EPNA News. The deadline date is mid-

Grant applications: Kim Breckel is preparing grant applications seeking $2500 for
summer events/park projects to include Movies in the Park. There is opportunity to
add an event to the current summer projects. The cost of a movie event is $1390.

Summer events: Kathi Holmes reported that January is the time for application for
movies to be used with the Movie in the Park. The application will start when the
funding for the event is confirmed.

Website: Kathi Holmes reported that there is a “drop down” for minutes and room for

some photos as part of the website.

Starbuck’s Job Creators: An October 17, 2011 New York Times editorial by Joe
Nocera was shared and summarized by Joyce Ley. The focus was on Starbucks
serving as middleman for loans to small businesses by leveraging funds collected
through donations made by Americans. In consideration of the support that Starbucks
has made in our neighborhood, Joyce moved that WCG donate $50.00 to this fund.
Motion was seconded by Ed Clark, and motion carried.

Wally Johnston, a resident of the Wilkes neighborhood spoke on the Occupy Portland
movement providing a summary page and additional information on issues involving
the Supreme Court.

Will Stevens, Program Manager for Traffic Operations in the Portland Bureau of
Transportation conducted a question and answer format on issues dealing with
residential speeding. He indicated that data studies for Stanton, Haliday, and Fremont
Streets do not show problems. He reported that volume of speeding incidents
influence consideration for green ways projects (i.e., bio-swales) to deter speeding.
Fremont is a current target area for green ways projects. Cost for bio-swales ranges
around $20-25,000 compared to $2,200 for speed bumps. He offered commitment
to do new data study on Stanton and Haliday streets. Mr. Stevens advised that
Portland State University and Portland Bureau of Transportation offer a course on
transportation issues. The course is taught at Portland State and likely the cost is free
for the student.

Barbara Adamski, Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, presented “Include
the Food” to provide more information on the new curbside food collection service.
Fund raising projects will be available to community groups regarding use of the
green bins for collecting food to be used in composting rather than placement in
garbage headed for land fills.

Announcements: Neighborhood Clean-up will take place on Saturday morning,
November 5 from 9:00 until 1:00 (unless drop boxes are filled earlier). Location is
Margaret Scott School parking lot (14700 NE Sacramento).

The next meeting of the Wilkes Community Group will be January 10, 2012.

This meeting was adjourned at 8:25 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Joyce Ley, Secretary

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