Wilkes Community Group Minutes

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, February 1, 2011
Meeting type: 


Minutes for February 1, 2011 

Wilkes Community Group

General Meeting

Margaret Scott Elementary School

14700 NE Sacrament Street

Portland, OR


The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm by Chair Alice Blatt.  


Those present at the meeting included:  Alice Blatt, Carolyn Clark, Kathi Holmes, Ed Clark, Joanne Kraft, Joyce Ley, Officer Louis Seals (Neighborhood Response Team-East Precinct), and Eric Zajac (Neighborhood Response Team-North Precinct), Ed Zarins, Jean DeMaster, Kathy Heide, Cleopha Moore.  Christina Scarzello from the City of Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability attended as program guest presenter.


Approval of Minutes: 

With the correction that Officer Mast represented the East Precinct at the meeting rather than Officer Seals, the minutes for the meeting on January 4, 2011 were approved.


The Treasurer’s report, presented by Alice Blatt indicated there were no changes from last month:  

1. US Bank checking account:


  • November 1, 2010 balance $3,761.71
  • November 9, 2010 deposit   $561.48 –Clean-up volunteer donations minus lunch
  • November 22, 2010 deposit   $344.85 –Proceeds from metal recycling
  • November 30, 2010 balance $4,614.04



2. 2010-2011 Neighborhood Allotment


  • December 28, 2010 balance    $906.75





  • Chairperson Blatt pointed out the article about Wilkes Community Group on page 8 of the February 2011 issue of East Portland Neighborhood Association News.   
  • Notice to Friends of Trees must be made by February 12 if trees are desired.  The 10th Annual Native Plants Sale must receive orders by February 6 with pick-up on February 19.  Contact Energy trust.org to receive $50 when properly disposing of old appliances 
  • Kathi Holmes reported on the Movies in the Park project indicating that the budget would be adjusted by a committee to be presented at the next board meeting.  August 10 is the date for the Movie in the Park event.  Movie options that will be presented were Secretariat, ET, and Toy Story.
  • Officers Seals and Zajac reported that in last 30 days, the Argay area had more older car thefts than Wilkes neighborhood.  Non-residential burglaries—those involving sheds, garages, etc. occur more.  Officers requested that neighbors alert police upon noticing unexpected activities in empty and often foreclosed homes.   
  • Jean DeMaster, Director of Human Solutions,  reported on activities at the Warming Center at Eastminster Presbyterian Church on Halsey Street.  The center can serve a maximum of 60 people per night.  


Program Guest Presenter:

Chris Scarzello is the Liaison from the Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability to the East Portland District.  There are 13 community/neighborhood groups in the East Portland District.  She announced that the first hearing on the Portland Tree Project is scheduled with the Portland City Council on February 2, 2011.  


The Tree Project is included within the long range strategic plan—which will feed into the city’s comprehensive plan—the Portland Plan.  There will be four different workshops for input in developing this plan.  The workshop topics are Equity, Education, Economic Prosperity and Affordability and Healthy Connected Neighborhoods.  The plan must include a 20 year supply of land required for these needs:  residential, commercial, and industrial.  


The meeting was adjourned at 8:07 pm.  The next meeting will be a board meeting on March 1, 2011 at 6:30 pm.  


Respectfully submitted,



Joyce Ley, Secretary


C: Alice Blatt, Chair

Carolyn Clark

Kathi Holmes

Ed Clark

Ed Zarins

East Portland Neighborhood Office

Richard Bixby


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